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Options also contain the ability to connect your motorized blinds to an app. Motorized blinds and motorized shades offer alternatives to make life easier and more enjoyable! Motorized blinds combine natural beauty with greater functionality, and offer the perfect solution for directing natural lighting. Raising and lowering blinds, or exact tilting of the blind slats, motorized blinds are the resolution that makes it easy! Motorized blinds help us to acclimate and regulate our living environments so that they are relaxed, energy efficient and even delivers convenience and luxury to your home or office. Call Now.
A Motorized blind set up let us get all the benefits of regular blinds, but with much more ease and less hassle. You won't need to spend your time adjusting heavy blinds, or reach over furniture to remove unwanted sunlight. All you have to do is press a button or program a timer so that motorized blinds work automatically. Software is now offered that will let you to control and activate your blinds via smart phone, tablet, or via the internet from anywhere you are. so call today and set up your free in home estimate.

Allen Blinds Pros
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